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December 4, 2019

We all have emotions and most please think that we are the emotions, so they identify themselves with emotions they feel every day. Our emotions are very dynamic and are constantly changing. Actually emotions are energy and energy itself is consciousness. 

The 3 elements and Observer Consciousness

So we have 3 elements: emotions, energy and consciousness. Out of these 3 elements the emotions are the ones that are always changing. And our consciousness - the things that we are aware of - is often confused with, but is not the same as our emotions.


To separate the feeling of emotions and consciousness we must develop something that is often called The Observer Consciousness. Using your observer consciousness state you can observe your condition and your own emotions. When you feel your emotions accurately through practice and training then it is possible for you to control your emotions and choose to change. That ability to observe is the essence and the key point of change itself.

Change and Levels of Consciousness

If you are longing for a change and you are interested in personal growth then it is paramount that you know of your level of consciousness. Dr. Hawkins in his book Power vs Force has identified the main 17 levels of human consciousness that you can check in this picture. Or read more about here.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 23.34.57.png

Written by Anastasia 


The truth is that you of course experience many states of consciousness throughout your life (and sometimes even throught a day) but if you are human like the rest of us you probably are averaging somewhere between 1 or 2 states, that you have chosen as your “default state”.

Learn the Energy andf Change Perspective

So to change and get out of the pattern to rest in a default state you need to develop your observer consciousness. You can develop it through learning how to feel, move and use the energy that is in and around your body. When you understand and experience energy then your perspective changes and you gain “a distance” between your emotions and “you”. But that ability to observe takes practice and training. We hope this website will be helpful to you to learn how to do that! 

People who feel the energy in their bodies have no fear of the body or of the emotions as they have the ability to manage and change the emotions and therefore raise the consciousness level.  Emotions are like waves, coming and going and it is important to know the energy to learn how to serve those waves and not drawn in them. ​If you can feel the observer consciousness precisely, then it means you have gained a greater understanding of the functions of your brain.

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