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Pledge of Earth Citizens

• To take action for my health, happiness and peace.

• To take action for the health, happiness and peace of my family and community.

• To take action to heal the Earth so the next generation will inherit a sustainable Earth with healthy, happy and peaceful nations.


Earth Citizens acknowledge the Earth as their core value, and care for people and the planet as their primary responsibility.


By donating an amount of your choice and registering as an Earth Citizen, you will join the global community of people who care and take action for creating a safer, healthier and sustainable world.


Fill out the form below to become an Earth Citizen and enjoy all the benefits.

Your donation is the primary means that

allows ECO to fulfil its mission.

Start to be the change now.

All donations received in the UK will be used as a charitable donation to Change Your Energy registered charity no. 1172668 that seeks to advance the physical and mental health of people by teaching the principles and practices of energy and integrative wellness that enable individuals through meditation and exercise to achieve mental and physical healing and realise their full potential.

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