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Despite our differences we have to admit one simple truth – we all have one Earth and it is our common home. There are many ways to help the Earth recover its original beauty and here at the Earth Citizen Movement we encourage to look at people not only as a problem but also as the solution to our current issues.



None of us want to intentionally harm the Earth, our environment or our neighbours but on many occasions, unintentionally we do. When I think about my personal impact on the Earth I often remember a story my teacher once told me:


It was a very busy morning and she was driving from London to Brighton and got stuck in a long line of cars somewhere around Gatwick Airport because of an accident on a road. As she got closer to the accident she noticed that the accident itself was very minor – maybe a few scratches on both cars but the ripple effect of this small accident caused hours of delays on the road, people being late to work, late for their flights, maybe someone even died or was born while waiting in this huge traffic jam.


The people who got into the accident are not bad people, they probably are really good people with good intentions, but unintentionally they have caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people that day. And the ripple effect of that split second accident can stretch out for days or even months to come.


This really made me wonder about how my actions, words and attitude affect everyone around me and what kind of positive or negative ripple effects I am causing around me.


I want to say loudly and proudly – I AM AN EARTH CITIZEN! and as an Earth Citizen, everywhere I go, I want to leave a trail of many beautiful, positive changes and ripples of wonderful creations. Change doesn’t always have to be difficult – we truly must start with ourselves and be mindful of how we walk this path of life.



What kind of ripple effect will you create today?

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